Law of Attraction Book

I wrote my Best Selling Book, "Standing in the Gap - 40 Days to Becoming a Deliberate Creator of Abundance in Your Life" so you could learn how you could attract your heart’s desires easily (without crazy hustle or overwhelm).

Abundance is out there, just waiting for you to go get it, and I want to show you how in my ebook.

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Standing in the Gap is set up with a prep, 4 chapter lessons and a bonus, 40 days of journal prompts and mediation time along with a gratitude section. You’ll find out the 6 complete steps to the Law of Attraction (most people miss or don’t know half of them).

People who have used my book have been able to ….

🔸 Find a buyer for an entire restaurant’s equipment over a weekend from closing their business 
🔸 Have unexpected money (cash even) show up
🔸 Find "lost" items
🔸 Sign high end clients
🔸 Have a $10k month
🔸 Have old clients reach out to work with them again after 3 years
🔸 Get the opportunity to work with HGTV
🔸 Manifest visas for travel sooner than anticipated
🔸 Find the perfect boat (that matched their vision board)
🔸 And MORE!


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Listen…. Those desires you have? They can be yours. You just need to understand how to get The Universe to hear you and deliver it. You'll find out exactly how in Standing in the Gap.

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