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What happens if your chakras are unbalanced?

  • Emotional Discomfort

    You may feel stressed, anxious, unmotivated, uninspired, jealous or angry, bad dreams, over-emotional or under-emotional, lonely, like a victim, unable to speak up for yourself, have intimacy issues, have a hard time making decisions, insecure, or low self-esteem and more.

  • Physical Indications

    You might feel tense, achy, blocked, lacking energy (needing a lot of caffeine), get headaches or migraines, pain and stiffness in your extremities, digestion issues, sleep problems, back and hip mobility problems, asthma and allergy flare-ups, stiff neck, rashes, or brain fog and more. 

  • Often, You Just Know

    For those who are in tune with their body, mind and spirit, many times, you just know. You have a feeling things are off. You get thoughts that tell you that something is not aligned. Sometimes you get signs from other people too. 

  • Awareness of Problem Area(s)

    There are 7 main energy centers of the body (chakras) that correspond to different parts of the body. Depending on which area of the body or which emotion (or lack of emotion) you are experiencing, you may realize which chakra needs attention, but the best thing to do is to open up and cleanse all the chakras for the highest level of mind, body and spirit wellness. 

How Daily Chakra Affirmations Help Restore Your Body's Energy Flow and Balance


One of the best ways to balance your chakras is through words. Words send energy throughout your body. If you've ever heard that your thoughts become things, this is exactly what happens. Positive thoughts send energy to your chakras which can balance them. This is why daily chakra affirmations are important for your vitality. 


With these 7 Daily Chakra Affirmations, you can balance and open life flow energy in less than a minute per chakra. 


These affirmations were created by a Reiki Master and Law of Attraction Practitioner and
are sent with Ho’oponopono forgiveness prayers.

What Are Your 7 Chakras?

Root Chakra (red) - the foundation of all the chakras. Helps you feel grounded and secure.

Heart Chakra (green) - the center of love for yourself and others. 

Sacral Chakra (orange) - the center of creativity, sensitivity, self-expression and sexuality.

Throat Chakra (blue) - the center of communication and being able to speak your truth.

Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow) - most energy oriented chakra. Helps fuels us.

Third Eye Chakra (violet or indigo) - where you hold your next level power. It's your vision into what's possible.



Crown Chakra (violet or white) - represents your highest level of enlightenment. It's your connection to the Divine.

“If the chakras aren’t aligned or balanced, the energy can’t flow through properly, and imbalances can show up as negative thoughts, emotions, or physical ailments.” —Dr. Alicia Armitstead


Not only will you get an energy balancing affirmation for each of the 7 chakras to cleanse your aura,
you'll also get this free mediation below so you can further keep your chakras open! 

Special Chakra Balancing Meditation to Open Up ALL Your Chakras


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Vickie Gould is a certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, Master Herablist, Reiki Master and Ho'oponopono warrior who has been trained by Joe Vitale and Lisa Nichols (both of The Secret). She's well-known for being an intuitive writing coach as well, helping entrepreneurs share their expertise and stories through best selling books.


Through her journey with Chronic Lyme Disease, she came to understand the mind, body and spirit connection. This is where she immersed herself in learning more about energy, vibrations, and frequencies so that she could enhance her own healing journey.


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