Stop wishing and get your desires to be your reality!



What if I told you that you had a magic wand and you just needed to know how to access it? What if you had more power over your destiny than you’re giving yourself credit for?


It's about this thing called the Law of Attraction. Whether you’re new to it or have been using it for a little while, it’s a skill that you can get better at (masterful, in fact).


Don’t know how to manifest what you want? Or trying to manifest, but it’s not happening for you?


Maybe you've been wanting more clients for your business, a soulmate to appear, your perfect new car, that vacation deal ... I can show you how I manifested all of these for myself, plus front row parking spots all the time!


Give me 40 days and I'll teach you how you can become a deliberate creator of abundance in your life using the Law of Attraction. All you have to do is decide on what you want to manifest. I’ll show you how you can access that magic wand to help you do the rest.


What will the Law of Attraction do for you?   It will help you to get the Universe (God or Source) to hear you, see you, believe you, and deliver exactly what you want, right to your doorstep. Wowzers!


You + The Universe = Unstoppable.



Introducing ....

In 40 days you'll learn ....

  • The REAL steps to getting skillful with the Law of Attraction so that you can joyfully create your own reality in business and life (most people miss half the steps)

  • How to get in touch with your vision and truly believe that it’s available for you so that nothing stands in your way

  • Find out how to release blocks that keep you from manifesting what you want

  • Learn to attract your top desire in the next 40 days (watch what miracles are available for you)

  • Learn how to raise your vibration so that you will get your heart’s desires (and get them with ease and flow, not hard work and hustle)

  • How to create daily habits and rituals that will help you to manifest easier

  • Find out how to continue past these 40 days so that you can repeat the process on your journey to creating everything you want in your life and business



p.s. no, The Universe is not some genie that will give you whatever you want. You have to do your part and The Universe will do its part. This program is about how to access your power in the equation.



Meet Elizabeth - Deliberate Creator helped her hit her first $10k month PLUS receive $6k in additional free coaching packages.



Meet Maricela - Law of Attraction helped her get the courage to close a business and go full force into her new business, and improved her personal relationships in the process!



You'll get ....​

  • 5 In-Depth Modules

  • 5 Instructional Videos

  • 5 Recorded Calls

  • My Best Selling book, Standing in the Gap: 40 Days to Becoming a Deliberate Creator of Abundance in Your life (course is based on the book and goes much deeper than the book)

This book is more akin to a tool of Attraction. No serious individual seeking to live a life of abundance should go without it. It provides you with a complete guaranteed formula for establishing an abundance habit in every facet of your life.


If you are serious about tapping into the Universe’s unlimited supply, Standing in the Gap provides a step-by-step guide to ensure that you succeed. As you reach for greatness, you must be prepared to exert consistency and perseverance. This book helps you to do that by providing you with a needle-eye focus. It allows you to center your thoughts on that which you wish to attract and multiply in your life.

- Shauna-kaye L. Brown , Attorney-at-Law, Motivational Speaker and Empowerment Coach


Vickie's commitment to the reader is unmatched. She shares her secrets on the Law of Attraction and allows you to really dig deep and answer questions about your own life. In this book, you have the opportunity to learn so much about your own personal wealth in terms of life, family and money. The growth I had was exponential and I am living the absolute best version of my life!

-Maricela Messner, Leadership Development Expert, The John Maxwell Team




Your bonuses worth over $400....​


My Best Selling Book “WHY” in pdf and audio


Image of headphones and soundwave isolated on a white background. Wealth Consciousness audio training


pdf book  Transform your money story PDF


vk_audio_proc  Audio mantras on Goals, Success, Wealth, Fear of Failure, and Abundance



Ready to become masterful at the Law of Attraction?

(Valued at $997)


Just $697 Full Pay

$374 x 2 months

Hi I'm Vickie Gould.


I've been manifesting before I ever knew what the Law of Attraction was.  It works whether you're aware of it or not, just like gravity.

I manifested my husband.  I've manifested cars, houses and clothes.  I've manifested clients and money.  I even had a friend once ask me, "Do you get everything you want?"  


After I watched the movie, "The Secret", I knew I had to learn more. I became Law of Attraction certified through Global Sciences Foundation by Joe Vitale (yes, the one in The Secret) and Dr. Steve Jones.  I then went on to become Law of Attraction Wealth Practitioner certified (basic and advanced) and am currently in their NLP  and Ho'oponopono certification programs.


I wrote my Best Selling book, Standing in the Gap: 40 Days to Becoming a Deliberate Creator of Abundance in Your Life and the response has been so overwhelmingly positive that I wanted to use that as the basis of this program.  We'll dive deeper too.


I hope you'll join us on this 40 day journey learning how to become more skillful at the Law of Attraction so that you can manifest your heart's desire.  Ease and flow are available, along with abundance and wealth.  You just need to learn how to access it.  Once you know how to use the Law of Attraction, you'll see how you can have anything, purely through intentionally using it to your favor.


I'm ready to manifest my heart's desires!

(Valued at $997)


Just $697 Full Pay

$374 x 2 months

Praise for the book:
Standing in the Gap: 40 Days to Becoming a Deliberate Creator of Abundance in Your Life