Your shortcut and fast track to becoming an impactful author in an intensive mastermind so you can reach more people and make more money.

If you’ve ever thought about writing a book...

If you’ve ever felt lost on how to start or finish it...

If you’ve ever wondered if it might take you forever...

And if you’d love the extra boost in authority from a book…

I have the perfect thing for you!


Your Fast Track to Finish Writing Your Book

And I created it for busy entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers and world changemakers so that you can write your book faster and easier than ever before.


Your book is the gateway to authority, prestige bookings and clients. Now you can get it done in seven days (or less) with my powerful rapid writing secrets!

See, I was once like you — I dreamt about having a book, making a real impact, helping people around the world and creating something for my life and business that would help me reach more people and get more clients. 


I was brought up to believe that anything worthwhile took tons of time in order to make it exceptionally excellent. I’ve since found out that doesn’t need to be the case.


But sadly, my first book kinda stunk — more than kinda … I wish I had kept a copy of the very first cover to show you. It was a hideous peach and green. 


Looking back, it was laughable why I thought it would sell. However, the content had the right heart, it had some great things to help people improve their lives, and the reason for writing it was coming from the right place.  But that’s not enough. 


Your book needs to be more than a kind gesture from you. It needs to be more than just a “good read”. It needs to create real transformation so you can touch and impact a lot of lives. Otherwise, it’s probably not worth your time.

Now that I’ve help 104 people become best selling authors, published 10 best selling books of my own, and founded Morning Oak Publishing, I know that just having a great story and wanting to help people won’t make a book successful.


And I now teach a proven structure that not only gets your book to fall right out of your head but also creates a transformational experience for your reader that they’ll never forget (and likely tell their friends about).

Hey … Can I just give it to you straight?

  • Writing a book is nothing like English class
  • Time is not your biggest problem
  • Most people do it wrong when they do it by themselves
  • Writer’s block doesn’t really exist 
  • Busy people have produced amazing transformational books

But don’t beat yourself up about it — you shouldn’t magically know how to write a book. It’s bound to feel overwhelming if you’ve never done it before. And too many people give up because they don’t know how to approach it.


Good news is that writing a book is a skill with simple steps that I can quickly teach you in the 4-Hour Author. During our time,  you’ll find out how to write your book faster than you ever imagined because you’ll have all the shortcuts and secrets I’ve learned over the last 4 years of being a book coach.

In the 4 Hour Author, You Will...

  • Learn the keys to accelerating your writing process (the same process I used to write my 10th best seller in just 4 days).
  • Pick your best, most profitable topic.
  • Say bye-bye to writer’s block forever.
  • Find out how to best order your chapters.
  • Construct a title and subtitle that attracts your perfect reader. 
  • Learn what to put inside your book so that the reader wants to buy your programs and services.
  • Get my exclusive 5S Formula to write and structure your entire book.
  • Become a masterful storyteller with my B.O.O.K. formula blueprint.
  • And become the author you’ve always wanted to be!

That’s right — when we’re done, you’ll be completely fast tracked to finish writing the most meaningful, memorable and impactful book you can … which also boosts your authority and grows your business.


Write your book faster than you ever thought you could.
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You’ll learn to write your book from a 10x best selling author who has helped 109 others in 4 continents, 14 countries and 21 states become best sellers too. Vickie has also written press releases that have helped 60 authors and entrepreneurs around the world get major media exposure on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. And she’s written for entrepreneur.com, Writer’s Digest, Tedx UofM, HuffPost, Thrive Global and more!


You’ll get all you need to be successful in your book writing and know exactly how to finish your book.


Regular Investment: $2500

Your Investment: $997
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Print Book Templates with Interactive Table of Contents and Chapter Titles preset
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And just so you know, for those who want to continue on to best seller with Easy Writer, I’ll give you  FULL CREDIT for what you invested here.

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